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WHOIS jyhw.tk TLD: TK

  1. Domain name:
  2. JYHW.TK
  3. Organisation:
  4. BV Dot TK
  5. Dot TK administrator
  6. P.O. Box 11774
  7. 1001 GT Amsterdam
  8. Netherlands
  9. Phone: +31 20 5315725
  10. Fax: +31 20 5315721
  11. E-mail: abuse: abuse@freenom.com, copyright infringement: copyright@freenom.com
  12. Domain Nameservers:
  15. Your selected domain name is a Free Domain. That means that,
  16. according to the terms and conditions of Free Domain domain names
  17. the registrant is BV Dot TK
  18. Due to restrictions in Dot TK 's Privacy Statement personal information
  19. about the user of the domain name cannot be released.
  21. If you want to report abuse of this domain name, please send a
  22. detailed email with your complaint to abuse@freenom.com.
  23. In most cases Dot TK responds to abuse complaints within one business day.
  25. If you want to report a case of copyright infringement, please send
  26. an email to copyright@freenom.com, and include the full name and address of
  27. your organization. Within 5 business days copyright infringement notices
  28. will be investigated.
  29. Record maintained by: Dot TK Domain Registry

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