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The robot of 3W1 3W1bot

Most likely you will find here anything you want to know about 3W1bot. If not - feel free to contact us!

Identifying 3W1bot

The User Agent String (UAS) of 3W1bot: Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; 3W1bot/2.6; +http://3w1.eu/bot) is the most sure way to identify 3W1bot. There is no list of IP addresses of our robot, but these will be mostly from French and Polish ISPs.

Blocking 3W1bot

As with all legitimate robots, you can use the robots.txt file if you wish to prevent 3W1bot from accessing your website:

  1. # Deny access for 3W1bot - http://3w1.eu/bot
  2. User-Agent: 3W1bot
  3. Disallow: /

If you need any additional support with robots.txt, please read Google Help.

The Crawl-Delay and Sitemap directives in robots.txt

Since 3W1bot is always sending a pair of requests: /robots.txt & (if allowed) / , both the Crawl-Delay and Sitemap are useless for it.
Please remember: if you receive more than two request in a row from a robot with the 3W1bot User Agent String, it is almost for sure a fake UAS!

HTTP headers support

3W1bot does follow 3XX (redirection) status codes, does not support Cookies and does not use the POST request method.

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